Class 4

Miss Helliwell and Mrs Davies lead the teaching team in Class 4, supported by Mrs Spence and Mrs Chapman

 A happy, smiley welcome from all of us in Class 4!

We have lots of fun in Class 4, making learning exciting and real life!

Our class motto is:

‘Individually we are all a special jigsaw piece, but together we make a perfect picture’

Throughout the year, we explore lots of exciting topics including Romans, Natural Disasters and Greeks. Miss Helliwell loves to include drama in our lessons to really make the learning come alive. She also likes to do practical scientific experiments helping us to understand the learning but no explosive disasters... (yet!).

Our classroom door is always open so if you want to know more about what we are all about, pop your head in to say hello and see what we are up to.

From Class 4

We believe in being a team, supporting each other in everything we do!

Miss Helliwell is our class teacher and she is funny, creative and always makes lessons exciting. Mrs Spence and Mrs Chapman are our teaching assistants and they are helpful, caring and there to support us.

In Class 4, we have lots of roles and responsibilities to gain valuable skills. We have weekly librarians who help tidy and organise the library, but also support and read to the younger children. We also have daily dinner monitors who help serve the food to the children at lunch time.

Our Curriculum