Class 3

Class 3 is taught by Mrs Gilder and Mrs Taylor with the support of Mrs Crofts, Mrs Marrison and Mrs Khella

Every morning children receive a warm welcome and a smile from their teachers and settle in to a routine of reading activities. This is followed by Maths and English lessons which are a shared responsibility between Mrs Gilder and Mrs Taylor. They both provide a rich and varied curriculum that is tailored to the needs of individuals.

In the afternoons Mrs Gilder and Mrs Taylor share their wealth of knowledge of the subjects they enjoy the most.

At the beginning of the week Mrs Taylor transports children back to life in the Stone Age or Ancient Egypt, she allows the children to investigate; rocks and soils, animals and habitats, plants and the physical and human features of our local area. Later in the week these topics are further explored with Mrs Gilder through art and DT. Underpinning all of our learning, is a strong Christian ethos which is taught through RE and PSHE.

The children’s subject knowledge and enthusiasm for learning about the topics is enhanced through trips to Creswell Crags, Weston Park Museum and the Butterfly House.

P.E. in Class 3 is very unique as children not only have the opportunity to develop their skills through games, dance and gymnastics, they also take part in weekly swimming lessons at Thorncliffe Leisure Centre for 18 weeks!

Children begin to learn French in Class 3, taught by Mrs Lee, along with a new, exciting music scheme.

Class 3 is a warm and inviting classroom where parents can be assured that their child is learning and developing with support, care and encouragement from all of their teachers. We provide a nurturing environment in which your child feels safe and valued. We believe that each child is unique and we strive to ensure they all reach their individual potential.

Our Curriculum