School Council

The school council is influential in our school. It is made up of representatives from classes 1 to 6, all of whom have been voted for by their peers. Meetings are held at least every half term, and more often when particular issues are raised by the children.

In previous years, the council has helped to make significant improvements to our school, including providing playtime equipment, and making suggestions for improvements to the curriculum.

This year the council has worked with our cook to improve school dinners and this has resulted in an increase in the number of pupils choosing school meals to 90%. Members of the council have also consulted their peers, teachers and parents before rewriting our school aims.

The aim of the school council is to continue to contribute to making our school a happy, safe and stimulating environment for all pupils.


‘Both girls love all aspects of school and their teachers and are both making fantastic progress in all areas. Thurgoland School has a fantastic reputation and I would recommend it to anyone.’

Parent Comment