Class 4 - The Brave Black Rhinos

Mrs Eaman leads the teaching team in Class 4, supported by Mrs Marrison and Mrs Chapman. 

A happy, enthusiastic welcome from all of
us in Class 4!

In Class 4 we love to learn, share our ideas and listen to each other. Collaborating is how we understand and develop our learning. We have lots of fun, making learning exciting and real life! 

Throughout the year, we explore lots of exciting topics including Romans and Ancient Greece in History and Natural Disasters, Greeks in Geography. Miss Helliwell loves to include drama in our lessons to really make the learning come alive. For example, the children have loved articulating their History learning by making Roman shields and acting out where the Romans conquered. We look forward to our Roman Workshop day, giving us further opportunities to consolidate this learning. 

We ‘give it a go’ in our practical scientific experiments which help us to understand the learning. For example, when learning about solids, liquids and gases, we carry out a chocolate experiment to observe under which heat the chocolate would turn into a liquid the fastest. Throughout the year, we also cover sound and electricity, working scientifically, the human body and animals and habitats.

We love making our learning purposeful and try to find wider experiences from outside of school for the children to engage in. For example, when writing our newspaper reports about the volcanic eruption that happened in Pompeii, we have a video call from a newspaper reporter who gives us lots of advice about the features of a non-chronological report! 

Additionally, we love to read lots of different high-level texts as a class to widen our vocabulary and develop our independence when answering comprehension questions. Furthermore, our Literacy writing is based on exciting class texts such as ‘The Ice Palace’ and ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ narratives, enabling us to ‘aim really high’ in Literacy. 

Although, it is not just our writing that we are creative in. In Art, we love creating our own prints inspired by Indian and Italian architecture, as well as creating moving books during the autumn term. In spring we enjoy creating moving people. Studying Barbra Hepworth sculptures during the summer term inspires our ideas when creating our own sculptures. We hope we will be able to visit her museum this summer!

Our classroom door is always open so if you want to know more about what we are all about, pop your head in to say hello and see what we are up to.

In Class 4 we love to read lots of different high-level texts as a class to widen our vocabulary

We believe in being a team, by striving to be our ‘best selves’ and supporting each other in everything we do! We celebrate success using our growth mind-set ladder which boosts our confidence as we know that if we believe in ourselves we can achieve anything! Having sporting competitions throughout the year that we all have chance to be involved in also enables this mind set, developing our resilience! 

Throughout all of this, we stay safe. Opportunities to learn how to stay safe are included in our RSE and PSHE lessons where we discuss issues including online safety, laws and rules.

In Class 4, we have lots of roles and responsibilities to gain valuable skills. We have weekly librarians who help tidy and organise the library, but also support and read to the younger children. 

Equality is extremely important to us and to understand this better, we study the influential figure ‘Rosa Parks’. After acting out the scene from the Bus Boycott and interviewing Rosa Parks, we understand why equality and showing respect is so important. 

Mrs Eaman plans exciting lessons to hook us into our learning and Mrs Marrison and Mrs Chapman are always there to offer excellent contributions, and help and support us to build on this learning.

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