Class 5

The teaching team is led by Ms Lukacs with the support of Mrs Snook and Mrs Sacks.

In our class, we are not just learners.

We are explorers who travel back in time to Meso – America to find out about the people of the Ancient Maya and the depths of the rainforest.

We are curious scientist discovering the uses of materials and investigators of sound. 

We are all ukulele players and magnificent dancers of the Samba.

The children of our class are talented artists, using paint, clay and textiles to design and create stunning pieces of art.

But best of all, we are a team; a team, who works together, laughs together and supports one another in everything.

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"We really enjoy our role as Peer Mediators. It allows us to support children of all ages during lunch and play times in sorting out problems which may arise. "

Our Curriculum