At Thurgoland CE Primary our aim is to ensure Personal, social and health education (PSHE) and citizenship enables children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society.  Provision will include growth mind set to support pupils to become resilient learners who can show perseverance and have the tools to be able to take on any challenges they face. Pupils learn how to keep themselves safe in a range of contexts and also care for others.


Teaching multicultural awareness and diversity gives our learners the ability to understand and respect differences. Our inclusivity supports the more disadvantaged pupils and enables them to reach their goals.  Children learn how society is organised and governed through a range of roles. We want our pupils to be aware of environmental and social issues and to be able to take action to improve the local community and to understand how they can have impact on the wider world. 

PSHE is based upon and closely linked with the school’s general aims and embedded within the Christian Foundation of our school. PHSE is seen as a key tool to provide teaching and learning opportunities with regard to the Christian and British values which underpin all aspects of the schools work. Our PHSE curriculum is taught in conjunction with SRE which prepares our children for the future and promotes positive relationships with others. 


  • Visits and visitors
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Long Term– Collaborative planning ensures that pupils cover all objectives set within the National Curriculum and that skills progress from year group to year group
  • Medium Term– Staff follow the PHSE Toolkit from the PHSE Association for their year group which is set out termly on topic webs
  • Short Term– Our PHSE curriculum works in conjunction with the PHSE associations long term planning identifying clear learning objectives and outcomes
  • Activities are planned linked to an overall theme for the lesson and learners of different abilities are supported within each year group. 
  • Questions are used to develop understanding and for assessment purposes linked to the learning objective. This also allows children to inquire more deeply. 
  • When appropriate, staff plan for cross curricular opportunities


  • Learning walks scheduled  to look at the impact of the new planning documents with a focus on how disadvantaged groups are supported to access this curriculum 
  • A bank of standardised exemplification materials with will aid teacher’s judgements in coming terms / years.
  • Teachers plan and assess from the long term planning, which has specific learning objectives that are built upon year by year from EYFS to Y6. 

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